Futsal’s first AGM

UCC Futsal Club will host its first Annual General Meeting on Monday the 23rd in ORB 201 at 6pm and extends an invitation to all students. Have a look at the Facebook event.

The agenda for the meeting is:
– Minutes of the Most Recent General Meeting
– Captain’s Report
– Financial Report
– Election of New Officers
– Any Proposed Motion/Changes and Any Other Business (A.O.B.)

It is time to elect the new committee for 2018/19. The following positions are available:
– Captain
– Secretary
– Treasurer
– Public Relations Officer
* If there is interest then the roles of Health, Safety and Equipment Officer, and Head Coach will be available on the night too.

Any person who trained with the club during the year is eligible to vote and apply for any of the above by emailing their name, course and position to futsal@uccclubs.ie by Friday 20th. In the event that there are no candidates, a position will be open to the floor or left unfilled till the EGM in October.

Candidates must be nominated and seconded on the night, and then give a 2-3 min speech. Voting will take place and winners will be announced on the night.

Everyone is encouraged to attend as we will have some pizza afterwards!

Lastly, it is time for the current committee to hang up their boots whom we thank for all their hard work during the year, and congratulate on reaching the futsal nationals and contributing to UCC Soccer’s shortlisting for the Club of the Year award! We are also grateful to everyone who has been part of UCC Futsal Club this year, we hope you found our training and events enjoyable. We cannot wait to see what 2018/19 has to offer!